What Classes Should I Take Next Semester?

We’re getting to that point in the year where you should be thinking about registering for classes for the upcoming semester. Today I’d like to share some things to consider when generating a list of courses to take next semester.

This is definitely, absolutely, unequivocally NOT meant to replace advising. I just want to get you to refocus on the progress you’ve been making toward finishing your degree to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

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Calculating Your Midterm Grade

A common question that I hear from students is “can you tell me what my GPA is right now?” Usually I get this question around the middle of the term, close to the last day to withdraw and right before finals begin. The truth is, GPA is calculated using final grades (grades that are submitted by your professor at the end of the term), so your GPA at any particular moment only includes grades from prior semesters.

However, I do have a little help here for you to determine how you’re doing in a course. Keep reading for a solid method.

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Transcripts: What You Need to Know

If you’ve earned college credit from another institution or by way of credit-by-exam (CLEP, AP, IB, etc.), you will need to submit an official transcript to your own school. If you’re getting ready to transfer, you’ll need to make sure to have transcripts from all institutions you’ve ever attended sent to your transfer school. What does all of this mean? How do I get transcripts? What is a transcript and what’s on it? If you’re ready to understand how transcripts can affect your record, read on.

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