Classroom Behavior, Part II: What You Need to Know

In the last post, we talked about a few common types of issues that may arise in the classroom that affect your learning or the learning of your classmates. This time, I have a list of tips to make the most of your time in the classroom.
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Classroom Behavior, Part I: What You Need to Know

Before college, there were lots of guidelines on how you should conduct yourself in the classroom. No gum, no food or drink, asking permission to leave the room, etc. In college, there are still norms for appropriate behavior in the classroom, albeit different from your high school setting. These norms are much more subtle and aren’t always spelled out by your instructors. Here are a few common situations and resolutions for classroom behavior that allow your instructor to deliver lectures with minimal distractions to your fellow classmates.

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Weekly Planner Download Freebie

Hi, guys! I’m so excited to share my first free printable with you! I know all of you are fond of your own planning methods, but I just wanted to offer up this little gem to you anyway.

Sometimes when I sit down on Sunday nights to get my bearings for the week ahead, I like to see the whole week at a glance and work it all out before committing it to my planner. So, this is kind of a worksheet of sorts that gives me a chance to scribble down my thoughts so I can distribute my obligations as evenly as I can.

I hope you like it and will let me know how you like it and how you’re using it! Click the link below to take you to the PDF and then right click to save or print it.

Weekly Planner

Cleanse and Detox

January Cleanse and Detox

For those of you who are expecting a post about a dietary cleanse and detox, you will be disappointed (or maybe pleasantly surprised). 

I’m talking about a wardrobe cleanse and budgetary detox. I am here and now proclaiming that January will be a no-spend month. Of course I’m going to pay my bills and buy myself groceries. And if I run out of deodorant, you had better believe that I’ll be high-tailing it to the nearest drugstore quick-snap. 

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Tips on How to Take Advantage of Your Work Study Assignment

Make the Most of Your Work Study Assignment

As we start a new semester and a new calendar year, many of you will be returning to work study assignments. Many work study assignments are not within students’ academic areas or areas of interest and the tasks you’re given may be mundane, but work study can provide you opportunities for personal, professional, and if you’re lucky, academic growth. Most students are keen to use their work study time to get in some valuable study time, but I encourage you to poke your head up to savor the moment you’re in and take a look around you. I’ve got three tips for you on how to take advantage of your work study assignment.

New Year, New Planner

New Year, New Planner

There’s nothing like the feeling of a new planner. The best way to describe it is it’s like the feeling of crawling into your bed with freshly laundered sheets. Clean, unblemished and with a familiarly fresh smell.

I’ve used several planners in my day – I’ve used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a random one from my college bookstore and a couple of Little Otsu planners – but I went the less obscure route this time. Truthfully, I hadn’t really used a planner this past year, so I wasn’t really thinking about getting one.

A few weeks ago, I remember being in Target as I was picking up a few bits and bobs of holiday decor and I saw a display for some super cute planners on an end cap. After a cursory look through each type, I then decided that I would buy a planner, but I didn’t want to buy one from a big box store – I of course had to have something unique.

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