After my economics class ends this week, I’ll have several weeks until the next class starts up. Man, have I learned new lessons in time management! Learning and adjusting to a new time management schema will be something that happens any time you add or remove something that takes time to do. Whether it’s welcoming a new baby or pet into the home, working full time, taking classes, starting a hobby or growing a new relationship, all of these take time. And, not only that, it takes a bit of time to adjust to new set of ┬áresponsibilities.

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My Summer Class

I decided to take a course this summer and the one I “chose” is a graduate level managerial economics course. I say “chose” because if I had infinite choices, managerial economics would not be the top one. But, it’s in my degree plan and I’ve just got to push on. I attempted an entry-level course as an undergrad, but it was all just gobbledygook and just awful. This is not a subject area that I enjoy and I’m certainly not good at it.

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