About this blog

This blog centers around two main themes: academic success and a life abundant in simple pleasures. College life can be frenzied and hectic, disorienting and dizzying, but with careful planning, you can finish your degree in four years while maintaining your sanity and getting to know yourself and start your life journey. Growth isn’t always easy, but don’t struggle alone!

 About pretty officer kidd

I am a higher education professional with over seven years of experience working in state/community college and university settings in Connecticut, Maryland and Florida. I have worked with students in institution admissions, specialized program admissions, graduate admissions, academic advising, testing, orientation and degree planning.

After co-teaching a college survival skills course in fall 2014, I realized that too few students enroll in a first year experience course. Students who elect to not take the course need these skills, as do students everywhere who may not have it as an option. There are subtle nuances to college that aren’t advertised, so I decided to start a catalog of my own advice that I give to students I encounter every day.

I have been admitted to a graduate program to start spring 2015. My own experience as a current student combined with a perspective of living simple provides a unique voice to address concerns of the undergraduate student. Join me as I chronicle my best tips for success and my own academic and life journey.


The information contained in this blog is in no way intended to diagnose your academic situation. Each institution and each student is unique. The terms I use may be slightly different from your institution’s, and while I will do my best to define them so you can apply the appropriate cognate, you will want to check in with your own academic advisor for a complete understanding.

Is there something you’d like to see? Do you have a question for me? Let me know!


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