Registration Day Tips

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Merry College Registration Day! For most of you, if registration for the upcoming term hasn’t started, it’s just about to. The first day of registration is a little bit like Black Friday – there’s a limited amount of stock and a whole lotta people want it.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve figured out what to take next semester, how to come up with a schedule and what to expect during your meeting with your advisor. We’ve been preparing for this day and we’re ready! To round out our Planning for Next Semester series, I’ve got a few things to keep in mind about the act of registration.

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What to Expect from Your Registration Meeting with Your Advisor

At most schools, in order to register for the next term, you are required to see your advisor. For a lot of folks, this is the only time they’ll see their advisor. Some people are going to dread it, some will look forward to it, and for some of you, this will be your first time ever meeting your advisor, and you might be nervous, not knowing what to expect. If you fall into the last category, don’t despair – I’ve been there – on both sides of that coin and I have some ideas on what to expect from your registration meeting with your advisor.

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Three Steps to a Mock/Trial Schedule

In the last post, we kicked off registration season by talking about how to choose courses for the upcoming term. This time around, we’ll be discussing three easy steps to create a mock/trial schedule. The reason I’m suggesting that you do this is simple: if you know what courses you need to take and develop a schedule based on those courses, the appointment you will have with your advisor can focus less on the nuts and bolts of what day you want to take math and more on career goals, internships and your life’s calling.

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What Classes Should I Take Next Semester?

We’re getting to that point in the year where you should be thinking about registering for classes for the upcoming semester. Today I’d like to share some things to consider when generating a list of courses to take next semester.

This is definitely, absolutely, unequivocally NOT meant to replace advising. I just want to get you to refocus on the progress you’ve been making toward finishing your degree to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

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