Back-to-School Roundup

I reached out to some bloggers in my network to see if they had any back-to-school advice on time management, study tips or organization. Here’s what they said:

Time Management
Busy Much? Tips for Time Management

Freshman Five: Before Starting the Internship Hunt

Let’s Get Organized With Agendas

Commuter Students
How to Stay Plugged in on Campus as a Commuter Student
26 Tips you Need to make your Commute Awesome

What other topics would you be interested in? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday Term: Semester

Whether I’m interacting with a brand new freshman or a recent transfer into my institution, I’ve found that there can be significant terminology gaps. I mean, what is a credit hour? What’s the difference between applying and registering? What makes up an academic year?

Well I aim to answer those questions and more with my Tuesday Term series. Each week on Tuesdays I’ll have a new term for you that includes an explanation of the term, how it contrasts with another term or the subtle differences between it and another term that sounds similar. For my first Tuesday Term, I’ll start out with an easy one – semester.

Is there a term you’d like defined? Let me know in the comments!

14 Places You Should Find Before School Starts

School is getting ready to start all over the country. I know our campus is starting to come back to life and has started slowly buzzing with activity.  As you’re moving into your dorm and getting to know your roommate and all of the other folks on your hall, make sure you’re getting out and getting acquainted with your campus. Pull out your campus map or pull up your campus virtual map and get cracking on finding these key places: Continue reading

Weekly Roundup #7

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The holidays are just around the corner, so here are some ideas for your small-space dwelling friends or family members. How to Give a Gift to Someone Who Lives In a Small Space.

Choosing a major is one of the hardest decisions of one’s college life. Four Steps to Choosing a Major

An interesting perspective on time management. I don’t always agree with Study Hacks, but often it gives me a good starting place for my own time management issues and gives me new ideas. Study Hacks Blog: “Judge your day on how well you executed your productivity process, not the details of what you actually produced.”

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