14 Places You Should Find Before School Starts

School is getting ready to start all over the country. I know our campus is starting to come back to life and has started slowly buzzing with activity.  As you’re moving into your dorm and getting to know your roommate and all of the other folks on your hall, make sure you’re getting out and getting acquainted with your campus. Pull out your campus map or pull up your campus virtual map and get cracking on finding these key places:

  1. Library: I highly recommend scouting out at least three spots you like. That way, if someone’s in “your spot” you have backup options.
  2. Health center: If you’re sick or feeling under the weather, go to the health center. If you miss class while you’re in the health center, you can ask if they’ll write you a note so that you instructor can possibly excuse your absence.
  3. Bookstore: Not only for books, the bookstore usually carries snacks, school apparel and school supplies.
  4. Advising office: You’ll probably be checking in with your advisor a couple of times during the semester. Don’t miss an appointment because you couldn’t find the office.
  5. Financial aid: If you receive financial aid, you’ll most likely need to visit at least once a semester.
  6. Registrar: If you’re having a hard time with registration or need access to your academic record, the Registrar’s office is the place to start.
  7. Cashier/bursar: Because you gotta pay.
  8. Tutoring/math lab/writing lab: You might not think you’ll need these resources, but studies have shown that students who utilize these resources tend to make higher grades. Don’t be embarrassed – what’s more important: your pride or making the grade you need?
  9. Cafeteria/grab-and-go snack spots: Because you gotta eat.
  10. Student activities office: This is usually ground zero for all clubs and a good place to check all of your options.
  11. Gym/recreational center: A lot of schools have robust cardio and weight areas in addition to group classes
  12. Student union: Because it’s where all the social events happen! Usually you’ll find the post office, a computer lab and something to eat in your student union.
  13. Career center: If you’re an undecided student, I highly advise that you visit your career center early in the semester. Most career offices offer assessments that help merge to two worlds of what you’re good at and what you like to do.
  14. Coffee shop: Because you gotta have fuel!

So there’s my 14 places that I think you should find before school starts. Have I missed anything? What do you think should be included in this list? Let me know!


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