Weekly Roundup #7

This post contains affiliate links.

The holidays are just around the corner, so here are some ideas for your small-space dwelling friends or family members. How to Give a Gift to Someone Who Lives In a Small Space.

Choosing a major is one of the hardest decisions of one’s college life. Four Steps to Choosing a Major

An interesting perspective on time management. I don’t always agree with Study Hacks, but often it gives me a good starting place for my own time management issues and gives me new ideas. Study Hacks Blog: “Judge your day on how well you executed your productivity process, not the details of what you actually produced.”

Looking for a wardrobe refresh? J.Crew Factory has some new arrivals that I think you’ll love!  These are my favorites:
Long-sleeve flip-striped tee in heather charcoal
Striped artist tee in dusty pearl
Printed scarf in black blue
Wool dress coat in heather cloud
Long-sleeve tee in bright eggplant
Cashmere cardigan in burgundy

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