After my economics class ends this week, I’ll have several weeks until the next class starts up. Man, have I learned new lessons in time management! Learning and adjusting to a new time management schema will be something that happens any time you add or remove something that takes time to do. Whether it’s welcoming a new baby or pet into the home, working full time, taking classes, starting a hobby or growing a new relationship, all of these take time. And, not only that, it takes a bit of time to adjust to new set of  responsibilities.

I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely did not plan my time well this summer with my class. Sure, I thought about how I would use my time, but I didn’t really make any commitments about my time. I guess I thought I’d just wing it? I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I obviously wasn’t doing any of that at all.

My first mistake was not writing it down or otherwise recording it. For me, recording something physically makes it become real and becomes something that’s easier and more compelling to follow.

I also grossly underestimated how much time I’d need to put into this class. I should have known that since I was experiencing anxiety just in anticipation of the class I’d need to pour more time into it. Maybe a part of me just went into denial and kind of into shut-down mode.

Because I didn’t manage my time well, I was anxious all of the time because I always felt like there just wasn’t enough time. EVER. I didn’t know what should be done at any given point in time, so I was just kind of floating through space, out of control, and grasping at any futile attempt to make time to study.

Another side effect of not managing my time was when I had finished studying, I spent the remainder of my free time worrying if I had studied enough, instead of doing things that were good for my body and mind, like reading, blogging and taking walks.

Another thing that I did that disappointed me was that I studied while being distracted. I have plenty of time to study during my lunch break, but I didn’t make the most of it. I spent too much time messing around with my phone and catching up on the Internet. You cannot multitask while studying. And I know that. That’s what gets me – doing something wrong when I know better.

Now all of these mistakes are in the past and there will be consequences. I’m not sure if studying any more than I have will lead to an “a-ha moment” with economics, but I think managing my time more effectively would make it so that it wasn’t even a concern. And, I wouldn’t be a frantic, anxious mess!

What’s the answer? Well, for me, first and foremost, I will more strictly calendar my time. I’ll also remove all distractions during my study time, so that it’s used more effectively. Hopefully, that will put my mind at ease during my free time. Third, I’ll do better with prioritizing other activities that take care of my mind, body and psyche.

So that’s my story. I didn’t use my time effectively and (maybe) my grade will suffer. This little blog suffered, too. I’ve planned my work and now I’m going to work my plan.

Do you have any time management horror stories? Any remedies? Let me know in the comments!


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