My Summer Class

I decided to take a course this summer and the one I “chose” is a graduate level managerial economics course. I say “chose” because if I had infinite choices, managerial economics would not be the top one. But, it’s in my degree plan and I’ve just got to push on. I attempted an entry-level course as an undergrad, but it was all just gobbledygook and just awful. This is not a subject area that I enjoy and I’m certainly not good at it.

I’ve been plugging along for the past 6 or so weeks and I’ve been pretty miserable the whole time. The final is this coming up Wednesday and my stomach has been churning. We can bring an 8.5×11 cheat sheet, but I’m not convinced they’re all that effective. I’ve been watching all of the lectures over again. Everything is okay until I hit a certain point and then all of a sudden I’m lost. Let’s not forget the final is 70% of the entire grade and is 35 questions.

I was really sweating it until I looked over the review.  Tonight I plan to completely re-do my cheat sheet to align with the review and tomorrow I’m going to take the final quiz. After that, I’ll look over the previous quiz questions.

Until this point, I’ve made A’s in all of my classes. It kinda breaks my heart to think that I won’t be able to keep that up. However, I am going to do my very best and remain hopeful. My main goal is to learn enough to be successful in future courses in the program. I’m not perfect at everything, nor do I have to be; I am learning to be happy with good enough.


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