Friday Roundup #6

Cashmere and wool and my skin are not great friends. When I find a good linen or cotton sweater, I buy it in as many colors as will fit with my wardrobe. This linen swing sweater by J.Crew is as perfect as it gets. It’s got side slits that aren’t too long and a wonderful drape. It comes in some nice neutrals and in some brighter (although not too bright) colors. I bought mine in regular (I usually take petite) and sized down one size. They’re currently full price, but I’m willing to bet you’ll find them on a 25-30% promo (which is when I bought mine) soon or you can wait till they hit the sale section.

I’ve been feeling wistful for England. I think the next time we go, probably when I finish my Masters (in like, 30 years), we’ll stay in Somerset and possibly the Lake District. Photos from the Oh my, Britain! Tumblr account will have to get me through until then.

In terms of interiors, I am all about the white. I’m not big on tchotchkes or art because I do not like physical or visual clutter. I like being in a calm and quiet environment. Scandinavian style decor generally works for me, as it tends to have a less clutered vibe, and that’s how we’ve “decorated” our home. However, all of a sudden, the white shabby-chic-cottagey style has really appealed to me. I’ve started a Pinterest board where I can keep up with all of it and get inspiration on how to choose pieces for our home as we start to replace some worn out items.

That’s all I’ve got, guys. How’s your week been? Got something ready for show and tell? Let me know!


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