4 Items I Bought for My England Trip

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be above the skies and London-bound. I was able to keep purchases to a minimum in preparing for this trip. Other than a few toiletry items, I only purchased 4 items for my trip because I found that I had just about everything I need. Am I grossly unprepared? Maybe.

A Comfortable Pair of Walking Sneakers

I hadn’t had a pair of shoes like this for ages, but I had a pair of checkered Vans slip ons in my youth, so I at least knew what I was getting with Vans. I chose a pair in white, which is probably not a good idea, but they’re washable and I’m not looking back!

Hardside Luggage

The last time I purchased luggage, it was 2008 and it was a cheap set from Target. It had become ragged and had to be replaced. I upgraded to a hardside suitcase that spins. Fancy! I purchased it in a pink color that I knew would be easily identifiable on the airport luggage belt.

A Lightweight Black Backpack

I talked about this backpack in one of my weekly roundups and I’ve been using it since I got it. I need somewhere to stash my umbrella and a light sweater while out sightseeing and this fits the bill perfectly!

A Snuggly Upgraded “Hoodie”

I use the term hoodie here lightly, as this sweater doesn’t have a hood on it. It’s got a slim profile and will be a great layering sweater or light outerwear. It will fold down to fit comfortably in my backpack in case it gets too warm.

And that’s it! I’m so glad that I didn’t go on a shopping spree for a bunch of stuff I probably wouldn’t need. I already had a power converter and a little travel wallet, so other than that, I think this is all I’ll need. What purchases have you made to prepare for a big trip?


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