Weekly Roundup #4

This post contains affiliate links.

Boy am I glad it’s Friday! The one-week countdown to London is ON. Here’s what’s come across my eyes this week that I have found of particular interest:

  • Increase your confidence in the workplace by curbing your “ums”.
  • I’ve been on an off-and-on quest for the perfect black backpack for the past couple of years. Something simple, but not pretentiously so. Something durable, but not rigid. Our upcoming trip to England really ramped up this hunt and luckily I came across Rothco Vintage Canvas Backpacks. The canvas is pliable but durable enough. It gives that cool worn-in look and feel that certainly doesn’t appear artificial; it’s what I’d call “quietly rugged”. They’ve got plenty of pockets and plenty of storage room. These backpacks are a great value: the small size is under $30 and the larger size is less than $40. They’re perfect urban day packs or travel bags. I couldn’t resist getting one in each size. I use the larger one when I have to bring an extra change of clothes with me and I use the smaller when I expect to have a normal day. The small size fits my 11″ Macbook Air (and charger), a compact umbrella, my glasses (in the case), my lunch, a few bottles of water and a medium baggie for my sundries and while full, it doesn’t feel overstuffed. The larger could fit everything the smaller one does and a couple of changes of clothes and a medium toiletry bag. It would be the ideal carryon. I bought both of my packs in black, but a quick poke on Amazon will yield a few other options.

 Rothco Vintage Canvas Backpack (Large)
 Rothco Vintage Canvas Backpack (Small)

  • Nutrient Density List. Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff never fails to entertain. Some of that has to do with her actual subjects and content and some to do with how her wit always solicits a marked guffaw out of me. She recently published a post that explores the nutrient density of motor oil… I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll see what I mean. While I’m no expert, doctor, scientist or nutritionist, food and nutrition interests me and her curated list of ANDI ratings were interesting and eye-opening.
  • I am Not That Girl. I don’t want to be that girl, and you probably don’t, either.

What about you guys? Anything new? I dare to think that, while this week has been quite challenging, I’ve appeared to have landed on my feet!


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