Weekly Roundup #3

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Thanks for sticking with me another week! How’s it been for you? It’s been quite the devil of a week for me. Work has been out of this world busy requiring many gear changes, and I’m physically located at a reception desk, so I found myself making ridiculous mistakes, having a hard time picking up where I’ve left off post-distraction and sometimes doing the same time multiple times! Andy has been working nights, which he does every so often, so making sure all of the household priorities get taken care of has taken a good bit of choreography, and let’s not forget I only get to spend about 30 minutes a day with the best person in the whole world.

Oh, enough of that. Let’s talk about some fun stuff.

I need summer sandals.

I’ve had Jack Rogers sandals in the past, and they certainly are cute and can work with so many outfits, but they aren’t comfortable for me. I’m considering a couple options:

They both look really comfortable. I had a pair of Birkenstock clogs in the past and they were very well made. I know that Birkenstocks are high quality and will last quite a while, so unless they’ve started to cut corners in the same ways as other manufacturers, I have no aversion to spending what they’re asking for.

The avarcas have a slimmer profile and I’ve not known anyone who owns a pair, but they are made in Spain, so I’m not sure what that really means in terms of quality or fit, but it’s worth noting I think.

Can we talk about smart jewelry?

From my understanding, one of the basic premises of smart jewelry is to enable you to keep your phone out of sight while interacting with other people. If you get a call or text a signal is sent via bluetooth to your piece of jewelry and you’re alerted by way of vibration. Some of these pieces also have safety features and health tracking features as well. Many pieces of smart jewelry come in the form of cuffs/bracelets and I can’t stand the interference of bracelets while typing on the keyboard, which I do – which a lot of us do – most of the day. However, several smart jewelers have created their technology to be modular – meaning it could fit into a cuff, be used as a pendant or perhaps as a pin.

My favorite would have to be The Lisa from Cuff. The price is sitting at $80 and while that may seem expensive for a necklace, the price includes two decorative overlays and the CuffLinc – the modular element that makes the magic happen – and I’ve seen bad costume jewelry cost more. I think it’s a pretty decent value.

(image via Cuff)

Here are some other smart jewelers that I’ve stumbled upon:

Okay, so please tell me you’ve had a streak of good luck or you made something neat or made someone’s life a bit easier. I haven’t done ANY of those things this week, so I’m keen to live through all of you for a bit of a pick-me-up.
Anything cool on your radar you’d like to share? Let’s hear it! Happy weekend!

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