Weekly Roundup #2

Please note that this post includes affiliate links.

We’ve come to the end of another glorious week! I have some pretty neat personal news coming to you soon, so in the meantime, check out what’s been on my radar this week:

I totally needed this: learn how to clean your computer screen without leaving streaks!

Lately I’ve really been digging woven wall hangings. I’ll poke around online from time to time looking for one and when I’ve found “the one”, it’s waaay out of my budget. Well, we’re all in luck – here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own! If you make one, put it up on Instagram and tag me because I wanna see.

I’m never NOT in the mood for a new tomato soup recipe.

I’ve been thinking about adding a DIY wood panel wall to the master bedroom, but after seeing this post, I’m now considering trompe l’oeil wallpaper in a white exposed brick pattern. There’s no source for this particular one, so if you’ve seen a good one, let me know!

This pair of versatile and interesting ear jackets. (Am I the only one that thinks “ear jackets” is a weird term?)

I typically wear sleeveless dresses jumper-style and my favorite is from Land’s End. I’m thinking about trying this year’s version. I could wear nothing but these and button downs every day to work. #workuniform

I was not about to buy into the hype of the Jennifer Anniston-supported Living Proof hair products. However, I was in dire need of a new conditioner, and this conditioner didn’t fail me, even in the Florida humidity. I liked it so much that I purchased a full travel set to try out some of the other products. I’m still in test mode, but so far, so good.


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