New Year, New Planner

New Year, New Planner

There’s nothing like the feeling of a new planner. The best way to describe it is it’s like the feeling of crawling into your bed with freshly laundered sheets. Clean, unblemished and with a familiarly fresh smell.

I’ve used several planners in my day – I’ve used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a random one from my college bookstore and a couple of Little Otsu planners – but I went the less obscure route this time. Truthfully, I hadn’t really used a planner this past year, so I wasn’t really thinking about getting one.

A few weeks ago, I remember being in Target as I was picking up a few bits and bobs of holiday decor and I saw a display for some super cute planners on an end cap. After a cursory look through each type, I then decided that I would buy a planner, but I didn’t want to buy one from a big box store – I of course had to have something unique.

Fast forward to this weekend and I still hadn’t chosen one. At the top of this list was a beautiful black embossed agenda from Gigi New York, but I couldn’t really justify price, and I felt that it was a bit frivolous to have a leather agenda. Also, I’d be guarding that thing with my life and not allowing it to accumulate the “character” planners tend to take on as the year progresses.

After giving it some more thought, I decided to head back to Target for a planner. The ones I looked at were affordable, attractive and had all of the features of the more expensive counterparts without a bunch of extras that I wouldn’t use (Like the Lilly Pulitzer stickers. Cute, yes, but I hoarded them because I didn’t want to use them all up too fast. So I used none.). The one that I ended up with is from Target’s collaboration with Sugar Paper. My choices were extremely limited – most likely due to holiday shopping and other people who were probably better prepared, but I’m pleased with what I purchased.

I haven’t really used it yet because we’re just at the new year, but it has my “deal-breaker” features, so I’m sure I’ll make good use of it. It fits in my purse but is large enough to actually write in, is lightweight and allows me to see a month at a glance and each week at a glance. It also has a durable plastic cover and sturdy spiral binding.

[the exact one I chose is not available online, but this one is similar]

Hopefully a year from now I’ll be looking back through and paying one last tribute to the year by way of this planner. I’m looking forward to adding to-do lists, shopping lists, things I want to check out, reminders, appointments, birthdays and celebrations.
I use a combination of digital calendaring, paper-and-pencil planning, and alerts I set on my phone. There’s no right way to calendar or plan other than the way that works for you! If it’s wrong you’ll know it soon enough and you can adjust accordingly.
In the near future I’ll be discussing and demonstrating some methods of calendaring and planning that work for me. It’s not my way of telling you what’s right; my methods are just tidbits that I’ve picked up from here and there and I hope there’s something you can take with you to help you get through your own journey.

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