Cleanse and Detox

January Cleanse and Detox

For those of you who are expecting a post about a dietary cleanse and detox, you will be disappointed (or maybe pleasantly surprised). 

I’m talking about a wardrobe cleanse and budgetary detox. I am here and now proclaiming that January will be a no-spend month. Of course I’m going to pay my bills and buy myself groceries. And if I run out of deodorant, you had better believe that I’ll be high-tailing it to the nearest drugstore quick-snap. 

(I do have money already earmarked for a beginning of the year home refresh and to have the remaining bit of our floors done, which I’ll also be sharing this month.)

However, in order to better align my goal of living a life full of abundant simple pleasures with my habits, I hereby commit to forgo wardrobe spending. I’m also going to go through my numerous, albeit organized, collection of storage totes that contain the bulk of my clothing. I’m sure there’s stuff in there I haven’t even thought of in ages. It’s time to find that stuff new homes where it can be enjoyed and help fulfill someone else’s life.

I want my life to be light and free to enjoy anything that comes my way. I do have home obligations, but they are one of my many joys and caring for those obligations will never be a burden. I want all of the other cleared out of my life so I can care for my household with the love and care I so enjoy giving it. 

I want to eliminate the physical and psychological clutter so I can reflect on and take stock of what essentials remain and what I feel is important. I can then slowly and mindfully make meaningful choices as to what, if anything, I’d like to add.

So, after the gluttony of the holidays, join me in a no spend January. When temptation strikes, feel free to reach out to me for a supportive pick-me-up!


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